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tlb hire Pretoria
Rubble removal pretoria

TLB Hire Pretoria has many functions

When a Tlb is hired from ANT Tlb hire pretoria it can be used for a wide variety of tasks,  including construction, small to medium demolition jobs, transportation of building materials, excavation and digging, landscaping, breaking asphalt, road paving,  and more. ANT TLB hire Pretoria  the  leading TLB Hire company in Pretoria providing our customers with a wide range of TLB hiring Solutions job-site solutions for all your equipment rental needs. Come to us for all your TLB Hiring needs ready to help you move everything from dirt to debris. At ANT TLB HIRE we offer you a number of well-maintained TLB’s



ANT TLB HIRE PRETORIA for all your TLB hiring needs in Pretoria, the widest range of TLB’s you will find in Pretoria, and also with the biggest fleet of TLB’s in Pretoria, ensuring a better rate of availability for our TLB hiring clients. The Most common TLB hiring services in Pretoria include Grading of areas for Roads and other flat services, loading of rubble or other heavy materials that can only be moved by heavy machinery like a TLB, ANT TLB hire Pretoria are quite frequently contracted to dig trenches for old and new pipe lines, as well as digging up old broken piping to be replaced by new pipes. We also just move earth or soil from one area to another area. 

Ant TLB Hire Pretoria for moving in some tight Spots

When the timing is crucial and you are   working within a limited space , Ant TLB Hire  has the rental solution you’re looking for. We have a number of TLB’s or Back hoes that can access  tight spots within your job sites where the only other option is exhausting hand labor. Our tlbs  work within tight spaces with the ability to go through narrow openings.

Large fleet of TLB’s For hire in many different areas around Pretoria

In addition ANT TLB HIRE PRETORIA  has large fleet of TLB’s For hire in many different areas around Pretoria, helping our clients to serve there excavation needs in the whole of Pretoria. ANT TLB HIRE PRETORIA strives to  provide outstanding solutions for each seperate building site, landscaping projects and all  the many types of digging projects, as well as the easy movement of materials. Other ueses for TLBS are to grade surfaces, jackhammer cement and even load trucks. In addition, they have optional attachments such as forklifts and tracks and can be used to load small dump trucks.

TLB’s great for moving alot of ground in a short time

TLB’s are very effective tools when it comes to moving large amount of soil or earth, TLB’ s is the most useful multi purpose machines, come in good use any construction site. TLB’s are extremely powerful machines, with large buckets or shovels on the front and a smaller articulated shovel at the back. Back Hoe refers to the to how the Machine is positioned with the rear shovel facing inward.


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